February's Inspirational Quote

"One Hour at a Time"
~ Laurie Wallmark.

Dear Laurie,
You might not recall saying this and perhaps I won't remember the specifics but you are our inspiration for the rest of February and maybe even March.

You and I were on the phone and talking about how hard it is to write a novel and as usual I was whining and feeling sorry for my long-a$$ journey. And you told me about how you were working and how busy you were so you wrote your novel one hour at a time. Astounded I said, "You wrote your novel one hour at a time?" And you said, "Yup." And I thought, "Wow... ... ..."

Often times we think we need - or I think I need - huge chunks of time set aside so I can write. Do you do that too? What if we gave ourselves one hour of each day? If it turns into two, well then fine, but if not, at least you still had your One Hour at a Time. So that is the motto of the month, thanks to ours truly, Laurie Wallmark.

We love you, Laurie!

Monday, March 31, 2008


Hey everyone, just a reminder that the deadline for the June conference is swiftly approaching.

Your completed PB manuscript, or the first 15 pages of your novel, are due postmarked by April 26. This year a $10 penalty will be imposed on anyone who sends a MS after that date.

Now you will be really grateful for the HCCWG Handbook because in the back are a few pages on correct industry standard formatting. If you are still unaware of this standard, use the handbook to help prepare you. If you are not meeting with your group in time for submitting, ask a friend to proof read it before sending it out. When you "live" in a piece, sometimes you just don't see your errors.

But if the timing is right, then this is the time to step up and use your critique group to help prepare your pages for this annual event. I know a lot of groups are meeting a few times this month or have moved their date up earlier in order to compensate for the early deadline. So take advantage. Submit to your group and sign up for the conference.

Best of luck!

For more information visit NJ SCBWI events page online.

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